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‘A Fast & Simple Link for America’s Heroes to Reduce Coronavirus Stress’

RESET Therapy Training

The daily stress and trauma our front-line heroes face is beyond comprehension. This blog is directed towards our Coronavirus First Responders to assist them in constraining and, for some, potentially remediating the emotional toll they are forced to incur in their efforts to save lives or to service the public. We include all who are vulnerable to the Coronavirus in this group, such as the personnel at our grocery check-out counter.

Our research at the Reset Therapy Professional Institute has been focused on the use of an individualized binaural sound to release the emotional aspects of trauma that become stored in long-term memory through the memory Consolidation process. Each time the memory is triggered, it becomes susceptible to change through a process discovered around the year 2000 called memory Reconsolidation.

We have decided in this time of need to release a fixed binaural sound file that has been beneficial to many, but not all in our experimental group. For those First Responders who choose to participate, you will require an audio headphone that can be plugged into your computer. This effort is not intended to replace therapeutic involvement with a properly trained and licensed therapist. Rather, it is to assist with maintaining resilience and coping abilities in these trying times.

Welcome to the RESET Healing Method Test Website.

Please follow the instructions below while you listen to a fixed binaural sound frequency designed to stimulate your brain to reset to normal. Hopefully, you should experience a significant decrease in your stress-related symptoms within minutes.


NOTE: You must use headphones for this process to be effective.

You must activate what negative feelings you want to eliminate. You must experience the problematic emotion on a sensory basis for this process to work. Simply put: You must ‘feel it to heal it.’

Close your eyes and activate (trigger) your target sensation so that you can sense it in your body as strong as possible - if it is an emotion, use a strong memory that will activate the negative only sensation.

BEFORE YOU START, Please, rate the intensity of your problem sensation on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the strongest you can imagine.

· Adjust the sound volume on your computer to a low level.

· Now focus as fully as you can on your disturbing sensation until it becomes very strong.

· Play the RESET sound. Just ignore the sound and continue to focus completely on your sensation. Be open and receptive to sense it fully. (feeling it)

· Begin to turn the volume up slowly until you experience the sensation fading or reducing. Leave the volume set here.

· Continue to activate the sensation while the RESET sound plays. Use different similar experiences or imagery to keep the sensation active.

The sound file will play for 8 minutes, which is usually enough time for an initial reduction in the problem. You can play it from the beginning again if you wish. Playing it more than two times is not recommended. You can wait 24 hours and do the process again if any of your problem sensations remain.

After you are done, please rate the intensity of your problem again, on a scale of 0 - 10.

Then send your results to

Thank you for participating.

Consider reading any of the RESET Therapy books to help
victims of Emotional Trauma.

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