When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Johnny’s coming home, whether it be on leave or permanently, may be a life changing experience for the family. Particularly if he had engaged in combat experiences through his service, he may return a stranger. In the civilian world, our First Responders are often transformed into strangers through their daily contact with trauma. This book has been written to assist families in understanding the effects that trauma has on their loved ones.

In the military world, the effects have come to be called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the civilian world, it can be called PTSD, Compassion Fatigue or Burnout. Whatever it is called, it affects not only the loved one, but ultimately other members of the family as well. I equate it to a computer virus that can be passed throughout the family placing the members in a permanent ‘protect and defend’ mode.

Once established, the virus transforms the family in dysfunctional ways leading to cut off from social involvement with increasing isolation from others. When help and assistance is sought, the existing remedies seem to complicate rather than resolve the difficulties the family encounters. Over time, a loss of hope permeates those involved. A perspective emerges that Johnny’s condition is permanent.

I have written this book to alter this bleak perspective. I dare to tell you that Johnny can be returned to his pre-trauma self through a non-invasive treatment I have come to call RESET Therapy. My personal mission is one of ‘ending the nightmare of PTSD.’ Without hope, despair, depression and ultimately, self-destruction settles in for too many. I challenge this dour outcome.  There is hope provided by new scientific breakthroughs. I trust that this book renews your belief that transformative change is possible.


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