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Watching the frequent news reports related to the damage caused by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is difficult on the best of days.  Aiding loved-ones with this pain and suffering is a challenge that many need additional outside help with.  With RESET Therapy’s lasting and permanent treatment, we help families navigate the process of overcoming the agonizing pain of PTSD. 

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Nestled in the heart of sunny Florida, on the edge of the white sandy beaches of Siesta Key, is the RESET Therapy Professional Institute dedicated to the permanent healing of emotional trauma.  Treatment packages can include living arrangements at a private, up-scale, 1-bedroom condominium just a few miles from the Mind-Spa office and minutes from our qualified doctor who can be requested at your convenience.  The condominium is situated in the beautiful, South Sarasota area featuring a secluded quiet atmosphere. There are miles of walkways that include views of Sarasota Bay for hiking, strolling, walking or biking.  Scenic white-sand beaches that are routinely voted the #1 beaches in the world are a mere 15 minutes away.  And, plenty of shopping and eating establishments within a short driving distance of the condominium are readily available.

RESET Therapy has a wide-range of treatment options including traditional outpatient appointments for those in the Southern Florida area.  However, for those families outside the local Sarasota area, we have special programs that are now available for an intensive intervention over a one week time period.

Peace of mind is critical to the healing process and with all packages, RESET Therapy can be provided up to a twice daily

basis. And, family members are encouraged to join their loved-one’s in the treatment process.  Follow-up services are available after completion of the intensive week through e-mail, telephone and other forms of telecommunication services.

For further details related to the RESET Therapy Treatment packages including calendar openings, please complete the confidential contact form.

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