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My fourth book in this trauma related series is still a work in progress. The name I’m considering is: “First Responders: Compassion Fatigue; Burnout; PTSD.” I hold that the mental health services these crucial public servants receive is just as antiquated as the mental health care that’s provided to our Veterans.


It is my perception that we are indeed in need of an awakening! Fifteen years after 9/11, our CDC is still unable to ascertain how many of our First Responders are taking their own lives by suicide. This can and must be fixed.


As they say in elections, numbers matter. Based on the varied statistics I’ve provided in the first chapter; I will render a conservative estimate that 15 to 20% of our First Responders are struggling with an active PTSD condition.


I challenge the notion that PTSD symptoms simply disappear referring to the late onset emerge of PTSD symptoms in our aging Veterans. The term “Remitted PTSD” refers to a consequent emotional numbing observed in PTSD following alleged “successful treatment” that include diminished interest in significant activities, feelings of detachment from others, and a restricted range of affect? 


I vigorously challenge this belief holding the perspective that the individual can and must return to a full pre-trauma state for the treatment to be deemed a success. I include the following personal anecdote from a first responder’s wife to illustrate the effects of cumulative stress as well as critical incidents on her husband’s well-being:




 "I’ve been struggling to convince the man I  love (30+ years as a Police Officer) to seek help for his PTSD; however, it has been to no     avail. He’s exhibiting many of the symptoms mentioned here. I just don’t know what to say or do to convince/persuade him to seek professional help.


My heart breaks to see him suffer and know that he is self medicating with alcohol. The murders, fatal car accidents, suicides, domestic violence and most recently, one of the first responders to his dear friend/retired police officer’s suicide is consuming him (“The Police PTSD Paradox | Cops Alive | Police Wellness and Resilience to Stress - Career Survival,”).”




I invite you to keep in contact for the publishing date of this fourth component in my trauma series.


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