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Dr. Frank Lawlis

Diplomate in Counseling and Clinical Psychology


As I have read and re-read Dr. George Lindenfeld's book, it becomes very clear to me that this clinical psychologist has immense empathy and caring for those Veterans who have sought his assistance. His case studies were so compelling that I found it quite difficult to put down a particular passage until I completed reading through the emotionally charged material. 


As the co-creator of the Bio-Acoustical Device (BAUD), along with my son, T. Frank Lawlis, it is my privilege to participate in the launching of this second book designed specifically for therapists. The case examples validate my observations after personally administrating the BAUD protocols to over a thousand patients who have also derived positive and permanent benefits in short periods of time.  Indeed, in this way Dr. Lindenfeld and I are kindred souls.  


This makes it doubly exciting that he is fully able to discern the full potential and power of the BAUD. This observation is so clearly evidenced in his Brain On Fire chapter where the effects of the treatment are so dramatically captured in pre and post EEG brain maps as well as in LORETA imagery. 


George has shared with me his struggles to find an effective means of placing PTSD into remission over the 45 years of his professional career. Like a bulldog, he has pursued this with a vengeance ultimately leading to the development of RESET Therapy. What is most revealing about this clinician's style is his intense dedication to the truth and willingness to share his findings candidly, fully and openly. 


In his Memory & Reconsolidation chapter, he brilliantly connects the work of Dr. Joseph LeDoux related to memory reconsolidation, to that of my own efforts with neuro-modulation. He then takes it a step further in his Mechanisms of Action chapter bringing in the contributions of Jonathan Goldman, M.A., pioneer in the field of harmonics. Jonathan clarifies crucial concepts integral to the understanding of RESET Therapy such as: entrainment; resonance; binaural beat. 


The Mechanism’s chapter goes even further in its complexity with Dr. Bruce Lipton’s eloquent perspective that cells in our body read their environment, assess the information and then select appropriate behavioral programs to maintain survival. 


Finally, he adds Dr. Doidge’s contributions in regards to plasticity. Dr. Lindenfeld suggests that the effects of the BAUD may be yet a different form of neuroplasticity. This perspective brings all of the elements of the chapter into a coherent treatise related to the startling change that takes change within the context of RESET Therapy.


I consider BRAIN ON FIRE to be a bold new step through which Dr. George Lindenfeld has defined himself to be in the company of very courageous pioneers. Someone who shares his knowledge with others also identifies himself as a man who cares about the well-being of others. 


Thank you, George.


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